Iā€™m a Visual Artist who creates dynamic stories for editorial and travel projects, helping to educate audiences and connect everyday people.


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When I was 18, I survived a month in Paris by couch surfing with strangers on the internet and sustaining off of $2 baguettes and jars of spaghetti sauce. Later that year, I went on to work with a humanitarian rights organization, supporting them in creating the largest viral internet campaign in history. When I was 21, I co-piloted a mobile vintage shop, building content strategy from the ground up and booking a three month tour down the West Coast. Most recently, I embarked on a six month solo journey across South America, and documented the trip through my first self-published book. 

Moral of the story, when I set my mind to something, I'll do what it takes to make it happen. I've spent years traveling and documenting people's stories, to find connection and share possibilities. I was born with the desire to mend and my journey has helped me to uncover storytelling as a conduit to share understanding. I believe good storytelling should be mutually healing. Photography has the ability to focus in on the unseen and make the truth feel obvious, to sort chaos into clarity. My gift is in utilizing this perspective to document and supply that clarity to your audience.

I help purpose-driven brands tell real and authentic stories that inspire support and action.

Clients Include: